4 things to consider when taking your pet on the road with you

Posted: August 25, 2021

At Paper Transport, we know there are a lot of benefits to traveling with your pet. That’s why of the 60 percent of truck drivers who own pets, 40 percent bring them along on the road. Having your pet in the cab provides companionship, security and entertainment but they also come with an extra level of responsibility so be sure you know what you’re in for when you bring them along.
1) The first thing to consider is your carrier’s pet policy. Many carriers allow only certain types of animals and weight limits on dogs. Some may require a waiting period before your pooch or kitty can come on board and still others have pet fees. Be sure to know the rules before you decide.

At Paper Transport, there is no fee for up to 2 animals with no restrictions on animal type and no waiting period for non-daily truck drivers. Pet owner and driver Jim Myer says this was a key reason he came to us. “I chose Paper Transport because of the pet policy and home weekly, in that order,” he said.
2) If you’re planning to have pets in the truck, make sure the truck and the pets are ready. Your pet should have regular check-ups and be up to date on vaccinations.  Make sure your pet is accustomed to riding in a vehicle before you try to take it on a long haul. If you are planning to adopt a dog, it’s a good idea to choose a breed that’s on the smaller size and doesn’t shed to keep maintenance inside the cab to a minimum. Your furry friend will need a safe and comfortable place to sleep, favorite toys to keep it entertained, and a crate for when safe containment is necessary.
3) Know what your dog needs to stay healthy and safe. While they’re good companions, they also have real needs, and they’ll be counting on you to meet them. “I got my dog Ruby from the shelter over two years ago, and she is the best truck dog ever!’ says Paper Transport driver Bonnie Evans. “It takes a little while for adjustment, but it sure is worth it!”
Be prepared to stop frequently to exercise your dog and allow him bathroom breaks, and always keep him on a leash. Microchip your pet as well as keep him in a collar with tags and keep him up to date with things like heartworm and flea preventives.
4) If your companion of choice is a cat, realize that they have different requirements. You’ll need to find an inoffensive space for a litter box, which will need frequent cleaning, and you’ll also want to bring along a scratching post or other toys.
Many Paper Transport drivers bring their pets on the road and love the company they provide. Keep in mind that safety is always a priority so we have a policy that pets must be restrained or kenneled while the truck is moving.
If you’re a Class A CDL Driver (and pet lover!) who wants to join a pet-friendly carrier, look to PTI! We offer a variety of truck driving opportunities to fit your life and career needs. Connect with us today to learn more!

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