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Hot Cocoa on the Go-Go!

Post Date - Jan 18, 2022

4 hot chocolate recipes to warm you up

As winter blows cold winds all over the country, it makes us start to think of indulging in a warm, chocolatey treat when we’re back in the cab to rest or relaxing off the road. Here are Paper Transport’s favorite hot chocolate drink recipes that are perfect to make ahead of your next trip or for your slow cooker in the truck.

Double Chocolate Hot Cocoa Mix

Make this chocolate mix ahead of time and store in mason jars or airtight containers to prepare whenever you’re ready for hot chocolate deliciousness. Many hot cocoa mix recipes use an artificial coffee creamer to add creaminess to the mix, but this recipe calls for powdered milk, so it's extra creamy and just needs hot water.

Slow Cooker Peppermint Hot Chocolate Recipe

Here is the perfect recipe for hot chocolate lovers who want a cool, fresh finish with their super creamy drink! It includes heavy cream, skim milk and peppermint extract plus milk chocolate chips. Special feature? A candy cane to stir it up!

Mexican Hot Chocolate

If you want a slightly different take on the traditional treat, give this one a try! This recipe yields a drink that’s a bit thicker, spiced with cinnamon and a hint of chili powder and cayenne pepper. Don’t worry, the spices are subtle but add extra flavor to the chocolate. You’ll be warmed up from the inside out!.


This rich, decadent recipe is the perfect treat to enjoy on a cold winter’s night. Use regular or coconut milk plus pure canned pumpkin from your grocery baking aisle to create a delicious dose of dessert in a cup.

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