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PTI Blog Unwritten Rules

5 unwritten rules of the road every trucker should know

View Post Apr 14, 2022
PTI Blog Craig Deutsch

Driver Craig Deutsch celebrates a million miles of safe driving

View Post Apr 4, 2022
Womens History Month Option 1

Women in Truck Driving History

View Post Mar 22, 2022

5 Black Innovators Who Transformed the Transportation Industry

View Post Feb 18, 2022
PTI Ussery

Driver Terrie Ussery Says Trucking with Paper Transport Changed Her Life

View Post Feb 4, 2022
PTI Hot Cocoa Go Go

Hot Cocoa on the Go-Go!

View Post Jan 18, 2022
PTI Staying Warm On The Road

Staying warm and safe out on the road

View Post Jan 12, 2022
PTI Movingon Up

Moving on up: career growth opportunities with Paper Transport

View Post Dec 23, 2021
PTI Soup Recipe

6 easy soup recipes for truck drivers

View Post Nov 19, 2021