PTI Veterans Day 2

Thank you, veterans, today and every day!

Post Date - Nov 10, 2021

This Veteran’s Day, and every day, Paper Transport is proud to support our military and their families who sacrifice so much to protect our freedoms.

“Our nation’s veterans have shown that they have the ultimate work ethic. I think that translates well with being a professional truck driver,” said Ben Schill, PTI president. “We are very thankful for the selfless military service that our veterans have provided for our country and freedom and we are proud to have so many veterans part of the trucking community.”

Veterans make up 19% of our workforce and we hired them for a reason. Veterans often make great leaders, they know the importance of teamwork and effective communication, and they work hard. That’s why we’re proud to have so many dedicated employees who have served in the military.

“There are not many occupations that are more American than being a service member in the military or a professional truck driver,” Schill said. “A sincere thank you to all who served.”

AT PTI, our veterans drive us. What drives you? Continue to serve your country, reach out today!