Senior Driver Manager


Snapshot of Opportunity:

This role was developed to provide growth opportunities for those who seek a higher level of leadership and diversity within their current role.  A Senior Driver Manager will have external and internal leadership opportunities of up to 2-3 Driver Managers, employee development, and project based opportunities either inside your area or outside of your area to enhance company knowledge and overall skills.

Capabilities to be consider for a Senior Driver Manager role:

  • CSA components and how to expand driver’s comprehension, compliance.
  • HOS
  • Trip Planning-knowing if a plan will work for a driver prior to sending it them.
  • Driver Scorecard-understanding how to dig deep into the scorecard to review with your drivers, helping them understand how and where to improve.
  • Skype sessions or face to face sessions with your drivers and up to date on your one on one conversations.
  • Library of Knowledge; Ability to answer the driver questions around vacation, holiday pay, bereavement pay, per diem, settlement sheets, etc.


Essential Functions:

  • Reduce Driver Turnover
  • Driver Complaint Escalation
  • Driver Schedules
  • Facilitate Onboarding
  • Driver Mentor Program
  • Driver Recognition Program
  • Driver Scorecards
  • Driver Manager Scorecards
  • Accessorial management
  • Safety
  • Maintenance
  • Manage Driver availability
  • Manager Driver Terms and Transfers
  • MPG and Fuel management coaching
  • Coordinate driver reviews
  • Conduct reviews on Driver Managers
  • Manage Unbilled Detention

Additional Capabilities for a Senior Driver Manager:

  • Demonstrated willingness to think creatively and provide “out of the box” ideas on how to operationally move the fleet in a direction that will improve driver engagement, asset utilization, and profitability.
  • Demonstrated proficiency in the completion of all essential responsibilities within your current Driver Manager role. Movement to the Senior Driver Manager position will require the ability to train and transfer that knowledge to others on your team.
  • Peer Leadership: this is a critical component, you need to be the go to person for others on your team prior to getting the Operations Manager involved.  You will also need to have the ability to observe training needs for others on your team to enhance their skills.
  • Driver Reviews: Full understanding of the mechanics of conducting the review along with demonstrated ability to develop an itemized plan to coach and mentor the driver for success. 
  • Disciplinary Process: Prior to having the conversation with the driver preparation is key.  Prepare what you will be discussing with them, understand and foresee the path the conversation will go and anticipate the questions the driver will ask.  Have examples of the issue at hand and come out of the conversation with a resolution. 
  • Engagement: Once a driver has been identified as “at risk” know how to create an individualized action plan to promote successful retention.
  • Driver Mentors: Give examples of how to identify quality mentors and training them to be successful.
  • Must take an active role in safety meetings at least once/year. This will entail covering a topic that you developed, not just attending a safety meeting.
  • Leading a project thru to completion, give an example of what that was and how it improved an issue.
  • Assist with the start-up of new business
  • Up to 25% of your time will require travel to facilitate start-up operations
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Posted: October 15, 2021
Job ID: 1400
Location: Paper Transport - PTI - De Pere, Wisconsin (WI), 54115
Driver Type: Non-Driver
Job Type: Office

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